Lumberjack with chainsaaw

Stewart Smythe has worked with chainsaws since he was in his teens. He belongs to a family of loggers with roots extending as far back as the era of lumberjacks. Like his ancestors, Stewart had spent his childhood among pines and oaks before he moved to the city where he has been working as a gardener and landscaper for 15 years.

For most of these years, he has worked with cordless electric chainsaws instead of the heavier, noisier, and smelly gas chainsaws that his parents had been using in the forest. He has found battery chainsaws to be much more convenient and easy to wield, particularly for urban jobs like clearing away bushes, pruning trees, cutting logs into firewood, and felling smaller trees.

Over the years, Smythe has gathered quite an assortment of electric cordless chainsaws from various brands. With several hours of hands-on experience with each cordless chainsaw model, Smythe now reviews them for the benefit of homeowners and professionals looking to buy battery chainsaws.

Our readers can rest assured they’re reading unbiased, authentic and valuable reviews written by an experienced logger and gardener.