The bestselling Black and Decker Pole Saws Reviewed

This article is about two of the best Black & Decker Pole Saw models available on Amazon.

We are reviewing the B&D extendable and electric pole saw and comparing their positive and negative qualities based on their usage.

The main difference between the two, is that one is a cordless pole saw and the other is corded. The corded polesaw has a slightly longer bar for greater cutting performance. However, as it has to be plugged into power, it is not as versatile and as maneuverable as the cordless option.


BLACK & DECKER LPP120 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Saw

Black and Decker cordless pole sawWhen you need to trim or cut down a thick tree branch or a treacherous vine that is beyond the reach of a regular chainsaw, put your trust in the Black + Decker LPP120 20-Volt Cordless Pole Saw.

10ft extension

Its 6-1/2 ft pole extends to 10ft so you can reach heights up to 14ft with the saw (from the ground level). Obviously, with a pole saw this long, you can easily handle the twists and turns of Mother Nature.

Superior Lithium Ion Battery

It has a 20-Volt Lithium-Ion battery, which has a longer lifespan compared with NiCad batteries. It can trim up to 100 pine branches of 1- ½ inches in one charge, which is undoubtedly amazing. The LLP 120 20-Volt lithium ion battery has 5 times better charge retention than NiCad batteries and it will get even better after continuous usage.

Light weight

The Black & Decker LPP120 Cordless Pole saw weighs 6.3 pounds, so you can hold it comfortably even during longer duration while trimming thick branches. Its 8 inches thick cutting bar enables to cut branches with up to 6 inches diameter effortlessly.

Compact size

Another unique feature of the Black & Decker LPP120 Cordless Pole Saw is compact size. You can easily assemble and disassemble the parts after using and carry it anywhere.

Safety feature

For safety, it has a blade guard, which will protect you from flying debris while cutting. Recommended for every home and essential for every farmhouse or forest lodge, it will not take much space in your garage or shed.

6″ cutting diameter

The 8″ long cutting bar provides a cutting diameter of 6″.


BLACK & DECKER PP610 6.5-Amp Corded Pole Saw, 10-Inch

Black and decker electric polesawIf you are looking for an electric Pole Saw for trimming away overhanging limbs or branches in your garden or backyard, Black& Decker PP6 10 6.5- Amp Pole Saw is a great option.

It comes with a pistol like grip and trigger and weighs only 8 pounds, which makes it delightful to hold and wield even during extensive cutting jobs.

Its shaft can be extended up to 9.5 ft, which means you can easily cut or trim the branches at heights of 12 – 13 ft. The cutting bar of Black + Decker PP6 10 has a length of 10 inches and can easily cut branches measuring up to 8 inches in diameter.

The manufacturer has provided an automatic oiling system which takes care of the lubrication that the shaft and chain require for delivering the desired performance. The inline motor in Black+ Decker PP6 10 Corded Pole Saw is designed to improve its quality by minimizing the vibrations.


Is it better to get a battery operated cordless polesaw, or a corded electric polesaw?

It depends on your usage and needs. Here are some points that you can consider before taking a decision.

Will you have access to power?

First and foremost consider the purpose for which you need a polesaw. Do you want it for your home garden, backyard, or for trimming the branches in the forest?

User reviews on Amazon indicate that if you need it for your backyard, you can go for any of the above pole saws after reviewing the features.

If your purpose is to clear away bushes or trim trees in a forest needs, and you have access to a power source, you should probably buy the Black& Decker PP6 corded pole saw. It’s because the extendable cordless shaft might make the saw less precise and difficult to control when fully extended.

On the other hand, if you don’t have access to electric power, the Black + Decker LPP120 20-Volt Cordless Pole Saw can provide you with a long battery life.

How big are the branches you want to cut with the polesaw?

The second point that needs your consideration is the efficiency of the cutting bars. The extendable Pole Saw bears an 8 inches long cutting bar, whereas the electric corded Pole Saw has a 10 inches long cutting bar.

Do you want manual or automatic oiling?

The third thing that differentiates both the products is the automatic oiling system. The electric Corded Pole Saw features automatic oiling , while the Extendable Cordless Pole Saw requires manual lubrication of its shaft and chain.



Both Pole Saws deliver smooth and effortless cuts at heights you can’t reach with a regular chainsaw. However, after reading the Amazon reviews, Black + Decker PP610 6.5-amp, Corded Pole Saw-10 inches appears to be a better choice in terms of efficiency, quality, and ease. If you need to tackle cutting jobs that are a long way away from a power source you’ll want the battery operated cordless chainsaw. If you’re near power and don’t mind the cord, then the corded pole saw will provide more power.

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