Review of the best Sun Joe Pole Saws

Today we’re reviewing three top-of-the-line models of the Sun Joe pole saws — the Sun Joe SWJ800E, the Sun Joe SWJ802E-SJB, and the Sun Joe SWJ807E-BLK electric pole chainsaws.

One of these models is best for you whatever your sawing needs.

Which one? Let’s see!

Sun Joe SWJ800E Telescoping Extendable Chainsaw

Sun Joe Extendable ChainsawFind the best price on Amazon

The high-end (pun intended) Sun Joe extendable chainsaw is a lean and mean beast when it comes to slashing away overhanging limbs (no pun intended) and branches. It’s an 8-inch Oregon electric chainsaw with extension pole, hence the name.

Weighing a mere 7 pounds, this simple contraption enables you to reach branches up to 15 feet high. Trim your overgrown trees without the risk of injury to yourself. Simply adjust the telescopic pole attached to the electric chainsaw and flick the power button.

The sturdy 6.5 amp motor powers the smooth automatically oiled 8-inch chain. The saw can slice through branches and logs up to 7.5 inches thick without making a big deal.

The Sun Joe pole saw also makes it easy to trim bushes or prune hedges. The light weight and an ergonomic handle and power switch make this extendable chainsaw virtually effortless to operate.

The telescopic pole measures 9 feet when fully extended and about 5 feet when completely collapsed. The product description says 15 feet, but that’s actually the maximum height a person can reach with the pole saw with arms fully extended. If you’re short or want to cut higher, you might need a stool or a ladder…or an electric chainsaw with a longer pole.


Sun Joe Pole Saw SWJ802E-SJB

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This extendible chainsaw model is identical to the previous model (SWJ800E) except for two differences.

  1. This one has an adjustable head that can cut at 0 (straight), 15 and 30 degree angles. This means you don’t have to bend over backward trying to adjust the blade angle. Simply pull the control cable and the rotatable head swivels into position.
  2. The second difference is the addition of the rotating hinge, which makes the maximum extendable length of this model a mere 2 inches longer than the baseline model. That’s hardly a massive height advantage, so it’s basically the same except for a swiveling head.

Other than that, it’s the same chain, same motor, and same pole as the previous (baseline) model.


The SWJ807E-BLK Sun Joe Pole Saw

Sunjoe electric pole chainsawFind the best price on Amazon

Unlike the last two models, this adjustable electric chainsaw can be used with or without the pole.

The chain and bar assembly has a handle and blowback guard, so you can do some serious cutting without difficulty. Mount it on the extendable pole and you can reach heights up to 15 feet.

This Sun Joe electric pole saw model sports a 10-inch chain. It is geared more towards cutting logs on ground with the bare chainsaw than trimming high branches. Weighing 12 pounds, it’s considerably heavier than the other two pole saws in this review.

Some customers complain that the saw gets disconnected from the pole when fully extended. The plastic connectors on the Sun Joe bar are another thing going against this saw. They come off when the chainsaw is running.

It’s available in 5 different color options – black, blue, green, purple or red.


Best Electric Pole Chainsaw For You

As for the best chainsaw for you, it depends on your sawing needs.

If you just want to make some quick cuts at a height your regular chainsaw won’t reach without you standing on a ladder, you should probably go for the baseline model, the SWJ800E.

Although the SWJ802E-SJB has an adjustable head, we suspect that it might become loose with usage. But this is pure speculation and the adjustable head, as it is, definitely adds more ease to cutting at odd angles.

The third saw in the lineup is also awesome for regular domestic sawing jobs. It’s probably for you if you don’t have a separate chainsaw for working at ground level. It will give you a two-in-one tool for a very reasonable price. But if you already have a full time chainsaw, you should one of the first two models which are lighter and more specialized for the job of cutting high things.



On the whole, Sun Joe pole saws have a lot to offer for their modest price. They allow you to trim the over grown trees or nasty bushes in your backyard with ease. You can stand away from the dust and blow back and avoid the risk of the branches falling on you or worse…you falling out of a tree.


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