Oregon PowerNow Cordless Chainsaw review – 40 Volt MAX CS250-E6 Saw Kit with Battery pack

A Lightweight but Heavy Duty Battery Chainsaw

Oregon PowerNow Cordless ChainsawIf you aren’t familiar with battery powered chainsaws, the OREGON PowerNow cordless chainsaw will sweep you off your feet. This powerful and exclusive cordless chainsaw is equally suitable for homesteading and commercial sawing.

Oregon chainsaw offers the standard benefits of electric chainsaws. It spares you the hassles of untangling the cord and looking for power sources; just pick it up and take it anywhere. Handy and easy to operate, it is one of the best cordless chainsaws. It gives its gas-powered competitors a tough time selling to homeowners, who might prefer the Oregon battery chainsaw over the noisy, heavy and smoky gas chainsaws.

The Oregon saw kicks into action with the flick of the trigger and does not require time for warming up. It balances well in your hands and does not tire you even after hours of sawing. The 40 V battery will retain charge for months when not in use, so you don’t have to charge it every time a sawing task is at hand. If you’re already keen, you can find a great price on Amazon.


Ergonomics and Performance

Amazon reviews make us believe the Oregon cordless saw is one of the best battery powered chainsaws available in the market. It makes four times less noise compared to gas-powered saws and is a quiet performer even when cutting through hardwood. This means that you don’t have to worry about agitating your neighbors by your sawing activities anymore!

The OREGON electric chainsaw sports a 1.25 AH battery that keeps the saw up and running for up to an hour of relentless labor. A larger 2.4 AH battery pack is also available.

The brushless motor gives the device a long run-time and gags the noise emission. Hence, this chainsaw will neither tire you nor deafen you, thanks to its state of the art technology. The best part is that it does not need a fuel filter and the battery power does not fade out with time.


An Oregon Chain with an Easy Sharpening System

Oregon cordless chainsaw sports the same Oregon chain and bar assembly that powers some of the best battery powered chainsaws on Amazon. It comes with an inbuilt PowerSharp system that sharpens the saw chain in just 3-5 seconds. The 14” Oregon chain boasts razor-sharp metal spikes and perfect angles to ensure a low kickback. The exclusive leaner narrow-kerf cutting technology on this cordless chainsaw saves power consumption and the automatic oiler guarantees smooth performance and extended life of the bar and chain.


Additional Features

You might think that is all but this chainsaw does not cease to surprise. It has a customizable, tool-less tensioning feature that allows you to alter the dynamics of the chain according to your sawing needs. The body, bar and chain is weather resistant and corrosion-free. In a single go, this monster can tear through 250 tree branches without running out of battery. That is almost an entire forest!


Where the Mighty Falls

As with all battery powered chainsaws, the OREGON 40V chainsaw is also subject to certain limitations. No matter how durable the battery is it is bound to run out which means that this might not be your first tool if you are expecting several continuous hours of work. Another drawback of buying this saw is that it is heavy on the pocket. Although it might give you a good value for your money, most Amazon reviews declare that the price is still over the top.

Although the battery charges quickly, it is advised that you opt for the 2.4 AH battery pack instead of the 1.25 AH for a longer work period. Finally, you cannot go all ninja on this chainsaw! OREGON CORDLESS requires you to plan your cuts beforehand to retain the vigor and life of the saw.


The Final Verdict

It may not be the perfect tool, but it comes really close. It does not quite match up to gas chainsaws with respect to performance but it more than makes up for it with its sustainability, portability, and environment friendly nature. Safe to say, if used well OREGON CORDLESS is the best battery powered chainsaw out there! You can find it at a great price on Amazon.

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