Makita Electric Chainsaw Review — 36V LXT Lithium-Ion Battery Chainsaw 12″

The Makita Battery Chainsaw Will Not Let You Down

Makita electric chainsaw kit with batteriesThe Makita 36v chainsaw means business, and you can tell by its rugged looks.

Don’t let the light weight and small size make you underestimate the slice-n-dice power this saw is capable of unleashing. It can make short work of the hardest domestic sawing jobs — from cutting logs into firewood to clearing up after a storm—without raising a storm.

The Makita electric chainsaw whispers through the toughest cuts without making a big deal of it.

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Makita 36v Chainsaw Motor, Battery and Chain

Makita’s sophisticated motor supplies this little monster with 1650 FPMof cutting speed, which puts Makita battery chainsaw on par with corded and gas chainsaws in the 12” category.

The motor is powered by not one but two 18v Makita batteries. These are ‘Extreme Lithium Ion’ or LXT batteries sporting Makita’s proprietary Star Protection Computer Controls. This enables the battery to communicate with the tool in real time and protects the battery from overloading, overheating or over discharging while operating the chainsaw, enhancing the battery’s life.

The Makita electric chainsaw (XCU02Z) comes with a Makita 531-290-046 Saw Chain and 12-Inch bar model 165245-8. This is a durable and high performance chain and bar assembly that is available on Amazon, just in case a replacement is ever required. The blade has a cover guard for protection during storage, but the saw does not have a complete cover to protect the entire tool.

A Great Chainsaw for Homeowners and Professionals

Makita battery chainsawHailing from Japan, the Makita chainsaw delivers more performance and less marketing talk. Its amazing speed, light weight (8.8 lbs, tool only) and low noise level (89 dB) make Makita 12” the perfect power tool to wield around the backyard for routine sawing jobs.

Like other battery chainsaws, Makita 36v chainsaw is free of emissions. You don’t need to change the filters, prime the saw or drain the fuel before storage, like you need to do with gas-powered chainsaws.

A user who had used Kobalt electric chainsaw before found Makita comparatively smoother, more balanced, and more precise. It comes with an automatic oiling system, which does not spew out oil like the Black+Decker 12” chainsaw is reputed to.

In fact, the Makita electric chainsaw is so convenient to handle, many professional lumberjacks prefer to pick up a Makita 36v chainsaw for smaller sawing jobs. A user reported that he was able to saw through a 36” tree within just 20 minutes with this saw, a performance that might compete with a Stihl gas chainsaw.


Limitations and Cons

When you buy a cordless chainsaw, you’re obviously not looking to bring down a thicket of trees with it. But even if you are, the Makita battery chainsaw could work for the job. You just need time for charging the batteries, or you can buy more batteries…if you’re really trying to accomplish a Guinness book world record or something. But other than the battery life limitation that all cordless chainsaws have in common, it’s hard to find a flaw with this baby.

However, the best chainsaw reviews on Amazon do reveal some minor hiccups. For instance, the oil tank is said to leak oil in certain cases. We guess the leak might be there because some of the users might not have stored the saw properly, or the screws might need tightening. This chainsaw comes with a 30-day replacement or refund warranty, so no worries if you find the leakage problem too worrisome.

Other than the oil leak problem noticed by less than 10% of reviewers, there’s apparently no issue with this saw. User reviews are unanimous its cutting speed and power.

Makita 36v chainsaw with grinder and batteries kit
Also available in a kit with grinder


Buy the Makita 36v chainsaw regardless of whether you’re buying your first or tenth chainsaw. It’s small, highly portable and pleasant to carry in your SUV, there being no irritating fumes or smell of oil that accompanies even the best gas chainsaws. The speed, power and balance of the Makita battery chainsaw is unparalleled by most other cordless chainsaws in the 12” class. Find it available for the best price on Amazon.

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