Greenworks DigiPro G-MAX 16-inch Chainsaw Review

One of the Best Cordless Chainsaws in its Class

Greenworks DigiPro G-MAX 16-inch Chainsaw with batteryIf you haven’t used a battery chainsaw before, Greenworks 16 inches cordless chainsaw is probably going to surprise you.

Battery operated electric chainsaws are generally considered less powerful than their gas fired counterparts, but not this baby. In fact, chainsaw reviews on Amazon depict people who’d been using gas chainsaws with a similar bar length have hung up their heavier, noisier power tools since they started using the lighter and quieter Greenworks cordless chainsaw.

And why shouldn’t they?

Greenworks has packed its battery chainsaw with amazing power and speed.

Easily one of the top 5 chainsaws on Amazon, it boasts 30% more torque and up to 70% less vibration than gas powered chainsaws.

A state of the art brushless motor is the secret. It delivers more torque at a greater efficiency with less noise and vibrations. At least that’s what the manufacturer claims. But does the saw actually deliver that performance?

GreenWorks Battery Chainsaw Performance

Cordless chainsaw reviews on Amazon make us believe it does. This chainsaw compares with a gas powered chainsaw when it comes to performance, except the DigiPro is lighter and quieter.

The innovative Lithium Ion 4.0 Ah battery powering this reliable work tool is capable of providing enough work juice for cutting large tree trunks.

Greenworks DigiPro G-MAX 16-inch battery chainsaw has an Oregon chain for teeth, mounted on an Oregon bar. The metal spikes and brushless motor enable this beauty to slice through hardwood without waking up the neighborhood.

The ergonomics are excellent. It’s easy to hold and operate, thanks to Greenwork’s low vibration technology.

Like all electric chainsaws, the DigiPro is easier to handle and maintain than gas powered chainsaws. You don’t have to worry about the oil and the gas getting mixed or other pesky problems that smaller gas engines often run into. You don’t have to ‘jerk off’ a string for firing the chainsaw. A flick of a switch is all you need to set this ravenous beauty into motion.


Ergonomics and Safety

The ergonomics are great. This chainsaw will not tire you. Some elderly users reported they were able to saw as much wood with this saw as they used to in their 20s and 40s.

The saw has excellent safety features including a brake that disengages the chain and sounds an alarm when applied. The Oregon chain it sports is well known for causing minimal kickback while sawing.

What’s more? The Li-Ion 40 Volt battery powering this chainsaw is compatible with many other GreenWorks cordless power tools. You can use the batteries interchangeably or might even skip buying the battery if you already have another compatible GreenWorks power tool.


Limitations of GreenWorks Cordless Chainsaw

Nothing is perfect in this world, and this Greenworks cordless saw is no exception. Regardless of its sawing power, this battery chainsaw is going to die on you at some point if you’re trying to saw your way through a small forest. It will then take a couple of hours to recharge. A gas chainsaw is your tool of choice if you’re into serious tree felling business.

The manufacturer recommends a two-hour charge time for this battery chainsaw. You should not leave it plugged in for more than a couple of hours if you want to prolong the battery’s life.

GreenWorks 2000219 40V 12" Cordless Chainsaw
The smaller 12″ model – GreenWorks 2000219 40V 12″ Cordless Chainsaw

Perhaps the most hurting pain point of this cordless chainsaw is that the bar leaks oil everywhere. While the manual says that’s supposed to happen, the dripping is a bit too much for some users.  One of them reported that the oil was dripping from the trigger area and had coated the whole chainsaw by the time the job was done.

Greenworks admits it’s a problem, but not something a good pair of working gloves can’t fix. Surprisingly, the smaller 12-inch Greenworks cordless chainsaw doesn’t seem to have this particular issue. Some users complain that the chain becomes loose or comes off the guide bar. Greenworks recommends adjusting the chain tension often in order to prevent it from slipping.

The Final Verdict

On the whole, GreenWorks 16” cordless chainsaw is a great power tool for a reasonable price. While you might still need a gas saw if you’re into heavier cutting, Greenworks battery powered chainsaw has enough power and battery time for most of the users who need a saw for their domestic needs, even when those needs are spread over a few acres of forested land.

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