EGO Power+ Cordless Chain Saw Review 14-inch 56-Volt Electric Chainsaw

One of the Best Electric Chainsaws on Amazon

The EGO Power+ 14-inch cordless chainsaw packs amazing power and precision into one convenient power tool. This beast will slice through all types of wood with the accuracy and finesse of an artist.

Glowing Amazon reviews commend this powerful chainsaw for its easy operation and intricate detailing. Easily one of the best cordless electric chainsaws available in the market, the cutting speed and convenience of this saw is sure to give many other manufacturers a run for their money.


Performance par Excellence

When it comes to performance, EGO Power+ is in a league of its own. It features a 14-inch Oregon bar which is lightweight and corrosion free and allows for minimal kickback. This means you do not have to exhaust yourself while sawing and can work through most of the cuts in a breeze!

The 14” Lithium Ion cordless electric chainsaw boasts a state of the art brushless motor, which muffles the noise and provides the chain with an eye watering speed of 6300 RPM. The advanced 56V ARC Lithium battery uses the latest technology to deliver ‘Power Beyond Belief’. It is compatible with all EGO products and braves most of the small-scale sawing work with a single charge. You also have the option to go for a 2.5 Ah battery instead of the 2.0 Ah if you have more extensive cutting tasks at hand.

Being a cordless chainsaw, it is lightweight, portable, quiet, and extremely convenient to start and operate. Silent but deadly, it will get your domestic sawing jobs done without disturbing the neighbors.

Compared to gas-powered saws, it is more environment-friendly and less worrisome for homeowners, who do not have to fret about changing the filters, draining the fuel, or inhaling the fumes. Its weather resistant construction ensures that it caters to your sawing chores through rain, hail and sunshine.


Safety and Features

EGO Power+ cordless chainsaw is equipped with a mechanical two-step trigger along with additional thumb safety. This ensures safety against inadvertent or accidental operation. The long trigger and an even longer rear handle allows for a variety of grip variations. The increased distance between the pivot and the grip balances the saw and makes cutting and handling easy and less tiring.

The Oregon chain, with its metallic teeth, delivers smooth and quick cuts, without jolting you with the vibrations. Other features include the oil-inspection window, chain kickback brake, and tool-free tension adjustment. The automatic lubrication system eliminates the need for manual oiling, extending the chain’s life and making sawing effortlessly smooth.

The saw has the perfect weight and precision for detailing, chainsaw carving, and carpentry. It is so convenient even a 68-year old woman finds it excellent for her needs, as her Amazon review tells us.


Limitations and Problems

Like all other battery chainsaws, this saw also has a flip side attributed to its cordless nature. Since it needs to be recharged for sustained use, Amazon reviews reflect that it may not be the best option for extended hours of work. Extreme cutting operations might strain your saw and erode the sharpness of the blade.

The tensioning dial is a tough cookie to crack, especially if you have safety gloves on. The automatic oiling system loses some value because the oil inlet has a plastic filter to protect it from debris, which makes it difficult to refill. A few users found the oiling system not functioning at all. Although the manufacturer honors a 3- and 5-year limited warranty for this tool, the return and replacement can take time and delay your work.

Some users on Amazon have reported discrepancies with the battery gauge light, claiming that it remains green and does not turn red even when the batteries have run out.


The Final Verdict

This is the ideal chainsaw for homeowners who need accuracy along with a cutting speed that rivals gas chainsaws. It provides a convenient sawing experience with its surprising power, minimal noise, easy handling, and good battery life.

Equally effective for sawing thick trunks into logs, pruning nasty bushes, or clearing away small trees, the EGO Power+ is one of the best cordless electric chainsaws in the 14” category. Find the best price for the Ego Power+ 14″ cordless chainsaw on Amazon.


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