BLACK+DECKER Battery Chainsaw Review —12″ LCS1240 Lithium Ion Chainsaw 40V MAX

A Small but Powerful Battery Chainsaw

This Black+Decker 12 inch cordless chainsaw epitomizes the adage ‘there’s great power in small things’. The size and weight of this might make you think you might be buying a toy rather than a power tool; but get ready for a big surprise! This little monster is just what you need to meet all your sawing needs around the house.

Powered by Black+Decker Motor and Battery

An advanced brushless motor allows this little power pony to achieve a chain speed of 5 meter per second, enough for making short work of most domestic sawing jobs. The speed and power of this small, low priced chainsaw are amazing for its size and weight. You can saw through dry wood or live logs with equal ease and finesse.

The 2.0 Ah battery keeps the Black+Decker  12” chainsaw up and running through one hour of ceaseless work. This means you can make over 60 4×4 pine lumber cuts on a single charge. The battery can store voltage for up to 18 months, which is quite impressive even for a Black+Decker. It’s the same battery that powers B&D 40V trimmer and blower, so you can use the batteries interchangeably if you happen to have those tools as well.


An Oregon Chain and Automatic Oiling System

The 12” B&D cordless chainsaw sports an Oregon low kickback bar and chain with metal spikes. The chain has few parallels when it comes to making fast and clean cuts. You don’t need to oil the chain manually or prime the saw, as the Black+Decker cordless chainsaw comes with an automatic chain and bar oiling system.


Ease of Operation

You’ll find few saws in the market that are easier to hold and less tiring to operate than this Lithium Ion Battery Chainsaw. Black+Decker’s light weight and ergonomic wrap around handle make cutting comfortable even when you’re sawing in awkward positions, such as when reaching up, down or around a tree.

It comes with a tool free tensioning dial, so you can quickly adjust the tension whenever the chain becomes loose. No need to let go of the saw and look for the tensioning tool, which gets lost all too often. This makes sawing more efficient and saves time.

With so much going for this chainsaw, it’s a worthy contender for a slot on the list of top 5 cordless chainsaws on Amazon. It’s light-weight, quiet, and as vibration-free as a cordless chainsaw can get. You don’t need to oil it and can set it into action with the flick of a switch. It’s a great battery chainsaw in its class, but is it perfect? We’re afraid not, although the limitations of this cordless chainsaw are dwarfed by its features.


The Downsides of B&D Lithium Ion Battery Chainsaw

Like all battery powered chainsaws, battery life is a limitation of Black&Decker chainsaw that you have to live with. You can easily cut through logs of up to 8” diameter with this saw, but cutting thicker trunks would drain the battery very fast. That might make some users unhappy, as battery chainsaw reviews on Amazon indicate.

The B&D 40 Volt 12” Lithium Ion Battery chainsaw guzzles a lot of oil, to the point of being ridiculous. You need to keep an eye on the oil level and keep an extra bottle for replenishment is the oils runs out while cutting. It can consume a full quart over 90 minutes of usage.

Also, there are user complaints stating the saw leaks oil from the reservoir when stored. One user suggested storing it in a plastic tub or container to prevent your floor or other tools from getting soaked.


The Verdict

Don’t plan to clear a forest with this saw. And if you do, make sure you have an oil tanker standing by. But if you need a cordless chainsaw for domestic chores such as clearing away think bushes or small trees or cutting logs into firewood, Black+Decker Lithium Ion Battery chainsaw is just the tool you need.

It’s small, light-weight, efficient…and from B&D. However, don’t expect it to do the job of heavier gas powered chainsaws or bigger electric chainsaws. If you’re like 90% homeowners, chances are you’ll love the 40V Black+Decker Lithium Ion Battery chainsaw, especially if you buy a plastic container for storing it.

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